Replica Labs is a team of roboticists, computer vision researchers, and visionaries on a mission to democratize the power of robotics.

The Science

At Replica Labs, we know our way around machines. From autonomous path planning to computer vision, our experiences combine to create quite the robotics team. Our inspiration comes from our history; we've witnessed amazing advances in our field.

Jack and Brandon had a first-hand look during their PhD studies at all of the ground-breaking research being produced; it was revolutionary in every sense of the word. The time had come to bring it out of academia and into the mainstream.

The Game Changer

The Start

Replica Labs was founded on the notion that the core tenants of robotics are destined to become the indispensable tools of tomorrow. The ability to train machines how to recreate your world through a single camera lens, how to find the perfect clothing fit, how to plan, to act, to learn, to think...

These big ideas get us up in the morning, and put us to bed at night.

Replica Labs will change the way business and industry integrates robotics into the big picture. Our products are ahead of their time, but we have the experience and technology to make them an important part of the here and now.

We're moving fast, so make sure that you stay in touch and follow our progress.

The Work

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